Impress your customers with the lighting of your event!

Our lighting professionals provide creative and customized lighting designs for live shows, corporate events, product launches, trade fair and other special occasions. There are a lot of aspects which define good lighting which we take into account. Quality of equipment and technical installation, focus, programming and show support. It's not just about the choice of lighting fixture, it's important that the installation and focus are carried out by people who have the creative experience to get the most from the technology.

Realization of your ideas and vision. Creative and customized lighting designs.

The combination of our technical know-how with our extensive equipment pool offers the best prerequisites for realizing impressive light stagings. The use of state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting systems with high efficiency satisfies the aspect of sustainability. Savings potential for electricity consumption is fully utilized, which at the same time protects your budget and our environment. Benefit from our years of experience.