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Information we need to plan your suspension points:

  1. Hall:
  2. Stand number:
  3. Exhibitor:
  4. Total weight of the construction:
  5. Weight per suspension point:*
  6. Type of lift / Type of suspension point:**
  7. Height of suspension point and Drop:***


    The maximun allowed vertical load for each suspension point is 100 kg

    The maximum distributed load is 5 kg per square meter of your stand area.


    Item number 32908 _ 8 mm Steel rope for use with lifting equipment (Chain hoists/ Chain motors)

    Item number 32900 _ 6 mm Steel rope for us with Genie lilts and ladders (NO CHAIN HOISTS).


    See suspension point - / Drop height plan.


    When attaching your suspension points, the fair rules must be observed, otherwise you can have the points anywhere over your stand area. You can order suspension points either via the online shop of Munich trade fair or via order forms, which you also get from Munich trade fair.



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